Drake – Best I Ever Had

To be clear, I love Drake. I’ve loved Drake for some time now. I even loved that fool with the baby fro on Degrassi – Wheelchair Jimmy Before the wheelchair game proper (View here).

Also, I love “Best I Ever Had” even though I’ve heard it 7897879879879x now.

What I don’t love is this corny ass video, directed by my ex-husband Kanye West. It’s has too many bitches and not nearly enough Wheelchair Jimmy.

Dear Kanye,
I’m trying to let you be great but you make it hard when you come up with lame video concepts for good songs. Also, I’m still mad at you for all that Rihanna shit but I’ll save that for another time.

Anyway, I'm happy for the exposure Drake is getting now so I guess a shitty video directed by Ye is better than a shitty video NOT directed by Ye.

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New Boyz – You’re A Jerk

The LA jerk movement gets officially recognized with this and the New Boyz deal to Warner Bros. Video is pretty typical I wasnt expecting much though(i’ve seen better youtube jerk videos).  Don’t try to understand it, just roll with it.

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New Favorite Commercial

Wendy’s has a new commercial about their new Frosty, the Coffee Frosty. So please enjoy, The Frosty Posse:

Your turn Les. 😉

First Post Lulz and Baby Maker?

Hi. My name is Jasmine. ANYWAY…

So, I’m sitting here watching MTV Jams (as usual) waiting for my movie (A Walk in the Clouds) to come on and my favorite video of the moment, Maxwell – Pretty Wings, comes on but I notice in the bottom right corner that MTV Jams has stamped my video with some kind of label. Previously, I had only seen the “Jam of the Week” label thing and, more recently, the “Hood Classic” label but Maxwell had been labeled neither.

Really, though?

Really, though? (And be mad I took a picture of my TV. lol)

They have chosen Pretty Wings as a “Baby Maker.” Really? Could they not reduce the genius of Maxwell to fuck music? Why is MTV Jams living this way? I would say I expected more from them but… I didn’t. Well, at least they play music, I guess.